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Le Merry Club is the oldest marina on Lake Memphremagog. This is where the Indian and white boaters gathered themselves to go down south in the Boston area, there are two centuries. The ancestor of the Merry Club was initially a motor boat builder whose famous “triple decker”. It was a very elegant and popular boat. He built ships it to the 2nd war, subsequently forcing the need appeared a crowd of keen boaters nautical services and boats mass produced.

Le Merry Club appeared and modernism sets up in the Marina, which now provides all services, the sale of boats, the sale of gasoline, a nautical shop, a convenience store, a fleet of rental boats without counting storage, mechanics, etc.

Today Le Merry Club is dealer of the finest and best boat in the world and the COBALT our old warhorse the STINGRAY. We also sell the one pontoon Marker Cobalt BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY and pontoons (Warren Buffet). We sell everything in the shop: the best boards to the best accessories in a torrent of mountains and peaks on a renowned international lake.

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Merry Club

201, South Merry street
Magog (Quebec) J1X 3L2
Lake Memphremagog
1 hour from Montreal

Contact us

Phone: 819 843-2728
Fax: 819 843-5259

Opening hours

Monday to friday
9:00 - 12:00
13:00 - 17:00
10:00 - 16:00


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