Berkshire 23RFX STS 3.0 2017


Price: Sur demande

For a lifetime of fun, Berkshire is the right choice. 3 pressurized tubes.

Almost anything you could ask for in a pontoon is configured in the STS series. We only choose the right boat with the right features. It's so simple. Experience has taught us what boaters want in their pontoon. With some added options, choose your colors, the layout plan as well as the performance package, the power, and you have the boat you've always wanted ..



Pontoon Berkshire 23ft, 2017

Model Pontoon Berkshire 23ft, 2017 *Please note that the photo...

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Pontoon Berkshire 17ft 60hp, 2017

Model Pontoon Berkshire 17ft 60hp, 2017 *Please note that the photo...

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Cobalt 200S, 2018

Model Cobalt 200S, 2018 *Please note that the photo of...

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Stingray 235 LR2018

The boat offers plenty of storage space, large integrated cooler,...

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