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Rental Policy for Pleasure Crafts

Important information

  • Age and experience required:
    The renter and any additional driver must be familiar with the use of such rented vessel.
    Watercraft: aged at least 18 years old. To be eligible for the protection coverage, the renter must be at least 23 years old.
    Boat/Pontoon: aged at least 23 years old.
  • License needed:
    The renter’s automobile driver’s license and the Official Pleasure Craft Operator Card are required for all rentals. If the renter does not posses a Pleasure craft operator Card, the rental company can provide a temporary permit at no charge for the duration of the rental. To have a safe and enjoyable time on the water, the renter and any guests that want to drive the craft must listen and take part of all the safety information briefing and checklist given before departure.
  • Protection coverage:
    A protection coverage for the rented craft is available directly at the rental company for $49 with the deductible of $1500. The protection covers civil responsability (personal injury and damages to third party) for a maximum amount of $1 000 000. To be eligible for the protection, the driver must be at least 23 years old, must have a license pleasure craft and has had 3 years of boating experience. Navigation and boating safety rules will be demonstrated before departure.
  • Deposit:
    A security deposit per craft will be required on the day of the rental and must be placed on a major credit card. If you rent a boat, no additional deposit for the rental of water sport equipment is necessary. Deposit Water sport equipment : $250 (if rented alone) Water sport quipement is not available for personal watercraft.
    Deposit Personal watercraft : $1000
    Deposit Boat/Pontoon : $1500 - 3000$
  • Delay in arrival at the rental site and departure on water:
    You must arrive at the rental company 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time to ensure the entire rental time is allotted. Rental times cannot be extended due to late arrivals. Renters take full reponsability for whatever reasons for being late.
  • Delay in returning back boat/equipment:
    A fee will be charged if you bring the rented pleasure craft and/or equipment late.
  • Cancellation:
    The amount paid during booking is not refundable and not transferable. In an event that the renter is unable to come on the day of the reservation, the total paid amount will be credited (for one year) towards future boat rental. Must call the rental company for rescheduling.
  • Fuel:
    Boat/Pontoon/Watercraft: Each rental craft leaves the dock with a full tank of fuel. Once the craft is returned and refueled, the renter is responsible to pay for the amount of fuel consumed during the rental time. The amount of fuel consumption ranges from 20$ to 200$ depending on the horse power of the engine and your manner of driving.
  • Rental- personal watercraft:
    Maximum of two personal watercrafts rentals per group. Maximum of 2 persons per personal watercraft rental.
  • Duration of Rental:
    Rental of more than one day is not available.
    Boat/Pontoon : 3 or 8 hours maximum
    Personal watercraft : 1 or 2 hours maximum All rented pleasure crafts must be back at the rental company before closing hours, no later than 6:00 p.m.
  • Rented Craft-Non availability :
    Due to non availability of the rented craft for whatever reason, the rental company will supply a replacement abide by the present contract accepted by the renter.
  • Weather and late arrivals:
    The rental company is not responsible for changes and/or bad weather and late arrivals.
  • Parking:
    Parking stickers are available for $125 + taxes for the season or $10 + taxes for the day. Vehicles can be parked on the side of the street, no parking meter. First come first serve.
  • Cell Phone:
    The renter agrees to have at any given time a functional and open cell phone line during the duration of rental time.
  • Prohibited in the boat:
    Fishing, pets, grill, open flames or cooking equipment of any type is prohibited on all rental crafts. Fishing is only allowed on specific models, please call for details.
  • Place of navigation:
    Navigation is only done and allowed on Lake Memphremagog. It is absolutely prohibited to leave Canadian waters with the craft (prohibited to go to the United States). It is prohibited to berth the craft other than the rental company’s dock (prohibited to berth: islands, shores, municipal beach, other marinas are to be avoided.
  • When navigating:
    It is MANDATORY to board or unboad friends and families at the rental company’s dock and nowhere else. The renter is not allowed to meet and tie up the rental craft to another craft on the lake or tow another craft and/or supply any service.
  • Water sports practice: (non available for watercraft)
    The number of people inside the craft and the practice of water sports affect the capacity and speed of the craft. It is advisable to have 2 or 3 persons less than the maximum capacity indicated while practicing water sports.
  • Breakage and cleanliness of boat and/or equipment:
    Fees will be charged if the rented craft is returned dirty, all items such as bottles, cans, chips packages, etc. are to be removed and cleaned by the renter. The renter will be invoiced for breakage of any parts inside and outside of the rented craft such as propeller, drive, fin of the drive, skeg, carpet, vinyl, frames, seats, bimini tops and any other damages.
  • Lost and robbery of craft and/or equipment:
    The rental company is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. The renter is legally responsible for the rented craft and/or equipment not returned on time and or at all.
  • Accident:
    The rental company is not responsible for accidents. The renter is personally responsible for any water sport accidents, the rental company is not responsible for any accidents.
  • Life jackets are provided for each passenger. Navigation and boating safety rules will be demonstrated before departure.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice and the rental company may cancel the craft rental if necessary for any reason at any time. The renter renounces his right of subrogation.
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